Klaus Jack

Klaus Jack, founder of Resilience Images: I got interested in documentary filmmaking after travelling for a year in India. After coming back to Europe I trained as a documentary filmmaker at Escuela de Cine de Barcelona. My first documentary was about urban gardens. I believe in the tranformative power of growing plants and self sufficiency and therefore much of my work deals with these topics. Apart from filming I specialize in sound recording and editing. Recently we have also started using a drone as a further tool in our repertoire of creative storytelling.

Camille Raillon

Camille Raillon, founder of Resilience Images, has worked for NGOs for a number of years both as a researcher as well as in evaluating existing projects in countries such as India, Chad, Ethiopia and Bangladesh. More recently she has been working for two French speaking newspapers as a journalist. Currently she is focusing on videoproduction combining her previous work experience with the art of visual storytelling.