Media Films

In March 2013 we were working for a Canadian newspaper Les alternatives. We went to Gaspe to tell the story of the fight between inhabitants of Gaspe and the gas companies involved in the nonconventional oil exploitation (fracking) in Quebec. We interviewed various inhabitants of the town including the mayor and 2 residents with drilling operations closer than 1km from their houses. We documented the conflict and made a video for the local organization in order to help promote the cause for environmental protection and regulation regarding fracking.

Featured Video

Media film about nonconventional oil exploitation in Gaspe, Canada. Filmed in April of 2013 for the newspaper Alternatives
A film about la vie d'estive, 2 sheep farmers in the Pyrenees of France. They keep 200 sheep which roam free in the mountains. We assisted the farmers with their work for 2 weeeks during which our filming took place.
Media Film for the French newspaper Altermondes about Roma people in France and in Romania. Filmed in the summer of 2013 in Paris and in Cluj, Romania